Rant Time! The parking meters at Town Square Las Vegas


Ok, why would a parking meter piss me off.

Good question.  I shouldn’t be pissed off anymore because of something my friend Brian told me, one night a while back when a group of us were going to a movie.

Here’s the thing.  I’m in the group of stupid people sometimes. And if you have ever parked on the street at Town Square in Las Vegas and put money in the meter above, than you are too.


I have on more than one occasion put multiple quarters into the meters so I won’t get towed.  But then Brian asked me a simple question when I inquired why he didn’t put money in the meter as we left for the movie.

“Uhh, Is this a municipality?” He inquired…

“I don’t know” I responded.. (Thinking what’s a municipality?  Ok, I know what that is.)

“Are these meters run by the city of Las Vegas?” (He simplified it for me!)

“I don’t know, it’s on the street…” (That was an intelligent response!)

He continued….

“They can’t tow your car, they put these here as a cash generator for a private establishment, do you see any cops writing tickets?”  (Picture Good Will Hunting argument in courtroom)

I had the perfect response…

“Well, they have security!” (Gotcha…)

He deadpanned,

“Look at the security guard, does he look like he is getting up to write tickets anytime soon.”

(Side note, the security guard was half asleep with a half eaten sandwich in his hand with bread crumbs on his shirt)

“You win..  I just hoped we don’t get towed…”  As I relented…

He shook his head, resigned to my stupidity,

“Have you been listening to anything I said?”

Fast forward one year later,

When people are searching for a spot in the oversized lot, I pull up for premium street parking and leave the meter blinking.  Every now and then, I share the gospel of Brian and get funny looks as they continue to put money in the meter.

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